Rear view camera

Reasons to Use a Car Back Camera

The technology available today is enabling us to avoid collisions when backing up our vehicles by using a car back camera. Annually over 2,000 children are reported injured or killed by vehicles backing over them. Most of these children are regrettably 12 to 24 months old. Many of them are seriously injured but more alarming is the fact that more than 100 die. 60% of these defenseless kids are run over by larger vehicles like trucks, vans, or recreational vehicles.

These unfortunate statistics are the reasons why we should be using the technology of today to avoid these regrettable and deadly situations. The installation of a backup camera system is precisely that technology that can save lives and make driving on our roads safer. These backup cameras are specifically designed to alleviate that blind spot that occurs when backing up a vehicle. They are typically wired to provide an image of the rear of the vehicle when the gear is placed in reverse. Take a look at the video below which illustrates the tremendous advantage you will have using a rear view camera when backing up.

Just to illustrate how important this issue has become in the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a mandate that all new autos will have to be equipped with a car back camera by May of 2018. But you do not have to wait if your car is not equipped today. You can install a car back camera today by purchasing one from us! So do not hesitate. Review our selection of some of the highest quality cameras on the market that will be provided to you from Amazon who's reputation for quality and customer service is impeccable.