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Rear View Camera Buying Guide

Many new cars today come with built in electronics that support back up cameras. Even if the camera was not installed when the automobile was purchased, the supporting electronics are there to attach a camera with a factory fit style. You may need an LCD monitor so the camera image can be seen. If the car already has a video receiver an interface adapter can be used to connect the screen to the camera's video image. If there is no electronic support at all on the vehicle, an after market backup camera is possible with a wired or wireless camera having an attachment for an LCD monitor or video receivers that are installed in-dash enabling image viewing

Feature Considerations

The most important feature affecting video quality are CMOS or CCD image sensors. CCD sensors are the better quality because they are not as susceptible to noise and lighting variations or interference which causes lines or a blurry appearance on the video image.

Night vision is another feature important for night time driving conditions. (IR) Infrared cameras function much better under limited light conditions than regular cameras.

Features to consider when choosing a camera include: • Video Quality – Back-up cameras use either CMOS or CCD image sensors. CCD image sensors offer the best image quality because the sensors operate in a wide range of lighting conditions. CMOS image sensors are less costly but have lower image quality. The main advantage of CCD-based cameras in a car is they are less susceptible to noise and interference, which appears as lines in the screen or a blurry picture. They usually are physically larger and more costly. • Night Vision - Infrared (IR) cameras can detect longer wavelength light outside the visible light range. This allows IR cameras to provide better imaging in dark conditions than normal cameras. IR cameras are physically larger to accommodate the ring of IR LEDs around the camera lens.

Wired backup Camera Systems

Power to cameras requiring wired power come usually from connecting the camera wires to the reverse light wiring of a vehicle and grounding to the vehicle's chassis. The video signal wiring goes to the front of the vehicle where the video monitor is mounted.

Wireless Rear View Camera Systems

Wireless systems installs the camera in the vehicle's rear and the receiving module in the dash area. Power must still come from the vehicle's electrical system and be grounded to the chassis. Because the image is being transmitted wireless, interference from noise, the vehicle's electrical system and other radio and cellular frequencies.

Mounting Considerations

Factory style appears similar to cameras that have been installed at the factory when the vehicle was built. Surface mounted cameras are attached using mounting screws at the hatch on the top of SUVs and hatchbacks or under the license plate. Flush mounted backup cameras are installed to drilled holes that allow the camera to fit flush. This is usually done at the trunk lid or the vehicle body. The final mounting consideration is the license plate mount. They can be attach to the license plate mount or is built into the licdnse plate mount.

There maybe several reasons why you may not want to install your new Rear view camera yourself.You many not have the appropriate tools or workspace. Or you just may not be comfortable with the entire process. If this be the case you should consider professional installation. There are many professional installation shops that have certified (MECP) Mobile Electronics Certified Professional technicians that would be pleased to install your camera purchased from amazon. One of our camera installation services can be purchased here.

Rear View Camera Buying Guide

We hope this rear view camera buying guide provides critical information to aid you in your buying decision. Without knowledge of some of the features discussed in this rear view camera buying guide, mistakes could occur which may lead to unfortunate decisions. So happy shopping and do further research on our website.