Rear view camera

Rear View Camera Hitch Mounted

Today's consumers are challenged with many high tech gadgets and it can be difficult to choose what is nice or what is a necessity. There are many gadgets available for our vehicles today. You may not consider a TV in your car while driving on a crowded freeway while a rear view camera may be considered by you to be a necessity.

While a satellite TV may not be considered a necessity in your automobile, there is one type of video system you might consider important. And that is a hitch mounted rear view camera. In particular, a hitch mounted rear view camera offers some very specific benefits. Mounted on the rear hitch, it can serve to aid you when attaching something to be towed or acting as a aid when backing your vehicle up when not towing. In addition it may even save lives or avoid crashing into objects when backing your vehicle up.

Many types and styles of hitch cameras are available. The price range can be from $180 to over $250. The installation for each type of cameras may differ. Some are installed directly above the license plate while others may attach directly to the trailer hitch. After the camera has been mounted, the wiring is run into the cab and attached to a monitor.

It may be wise to install this type of camera if you regularly tow heavy loads. It may even save your life by knowing exactly what is happening behind your vehicle